September 4, 2020  |    | 

Hello and welcome! We are David and Rebekah Barman, husband and wife team and the proud new owners of Details Party Rentals.

We love working together building this business, raising our three kids and trying to make a positive impact on our community through our work with Rotary. However, this is not a two person show! With the help of our amazing team, we are able to bring our customers dream events to life.

Between deliveries, setup, tents, design consultations, custom builds and our full linen and laundry department, we stay very busy.

When we tell people that we bought this business in September of 2019, a mere 6 months before the first COVID-19 shutdown, we are met with wide eyes, sympathetic looks and jokes about bad timing. While there are times that we do feel that pain, this situation has given us the opportunity to slow down, get creative and look at ways to bring true and lasting value to our customers.

In an attempt to bring the most value to our customers, we have made some changes and added multiple services.

The most requested change has been a user-friendly website that showcases our inventory and gives customers the option to book items online. While our showroom is still open to the public, we are very excited to be able to better serve our customers who prefer to remain contactless throughout the rental process.

We have also revamped our linen department and are now able to provide customers with higher end fabrics such as velvet and linen and even made-to-order linens for their events.

Continuing to add and upgrade our inventory remains a huge priority for us and we would love to know what’s on your wishlist because it might be on ours too! 

We are really enjoying creating custom builds such as tables, arches and creative backdrops and will be releasing several pieces this spring. 

We have expanded our structure tent and canopy inventory to keep up with the demand from both our business and wedding customers. Creating outdoor breakrooms, testing sites and dining spaces has allowed businesses to continue to serve their customers while keeping their employees as safe as possible. In addition to providing long term canopy rentals, we are also able to help businesses purchase their own canopies with a buy-back option when indoor restrictions are lifted. 

We are so grateful for the relationships we’ve made with our vendor friends and for the never ending support from our loyal customers. You have made all the difference to us this year!

Thank you for the opportunity to be your event rental partner.

-The Barmans and the Details team

Photo by Whimsie Photographie